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"Work in Progress: German reunification, 30 years later." With Marion Brasch, Max Czollek, u.a.

Online Event by the German Embassy TLV / Goethe Institut TLV / Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem, October 1st, 19:00 MEZ/20:00 Israeli time, Moderators: Dr. Sagi Schaefer, Dr. Ofer Waldman

Ofer Waldman - We Love Israel

October 3, 1990 marks a major turning point in German history. This event is usually referred to as German reunification, but even the terms have become disputed, as has much else about this event. After three decades we still ask: What place should the legacy of the (east-)German Democratic Republic have in the Berlin Republic, and does this legacy pose a challenge to accepted narratives of Jewish-German history?



Dr. Susanne Wasum-Rainer, German Ambassador to Israel

Dr. Carola Dürr, Director Goethe-Institut Israel

Panel discussion with:

Marion Brasch, Writer and Radio Journalist

Prof. Dr. Dorothee Wierling, Historian, Hamburg University (em)

Dr. Max Czollek, Writer, Activist and Co-Editor of “Yalta - Positions on the Jewish Present”

Dr. Axel Doßmann, Historian, Jena University

Moderators: Dr. Sagi Schaefer (Tel Aviv University) and Dr. Ofer Waldman (Free Journalist)

The event will be held in English. Questions can be raised in German and Hebrew.

Link to Event


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